Search Engine Optimisation

Optimisation of your website is just the first step. Having a strong SEO strategy is a must for growth and sustainability.

With roughly 3.5 billion Google searches every day, there are enormous opportunities waiting to be explored online. Unfortunately, it’s not just about having a polished website with high-quality products - you also need to be seen by your target audience.

This is where SEO can help.

Search engine optimisation - SEO - is a strategy which is extremely effective in boosting your ranking.

By appearing higher up on the search results, you stand a much better chance of being seen by your demographic. We can help to boost your ranking with our SEO services.

Why SEO Matters

Approximately 75% of users stick to the first page of results on Google. This means that if you want to reach your audience, it’s imperative your website needs to be listed on the first page.

SEO is a strategy you can use to elevate your ranking and help you to reach your target market.

And that’s the key goal: target market. It’s not just about ranking for any type of search. In order to focus your efforts in the area that will deliver a return, it’s important to make sure your site ranks for the products and services that are relevant.

You can achieve this with the use of keywords. Knowing what keywords users search for will enable you to optimise your site to rank for these. This is a smart strategy as users who are looking for your type of business are much more likely to convert into a paying customer.

An Expert SEO Agency

An effective SEO strategy uses tools such as SEMrush to identify keywords and focus efforts. Content has to be very carefully balanced; if you stuff your site full of keywords just to try and rank, Google will penalise you for poor quality.

As an expert SEO agency in West Yorkshire we can help you to devise a strategy based on the right keywords for your business. Get in touch with us today to find out what SEO could do for your organic listings.

For any business with a digital presence, SEMrush is the comprehensive solution that’s essential. This tool unlocks the mysteries of SEO, allowing you to audit, manage and monitor your website whenever you want.

Researching keywords is easy, and you can also get new ideas to grow your organic traffic. Got a competitor who you can’t keep up with? Use SEMrush to analyse their SEO strategy, providing you with valuable new insights. You can keep track of your ranking daily with a full breakdown of data. Whatever type of business or e-commerce site you have, SEMrush is the vital missing piece of the puzzle.

Previously known as Google Webmaster Tools, Google Search Console provides valuable metrics about the traffic to your website. If you want to know how many visitors you’ve had, whether they arrived from a mobile or desktop device and which pages were the most popular, Google Search Console can help.

A one-stop-shop, Google Search Console also checks for and helps to fix any website errors. It’s invaluable for showing how you appear in Google searches and what keywords brought visitors to your website. The data you receive will allow you to optimise your content, making sure you get the best results possible to fulfil your potential.

In the digital world, information is king - and that’s where Searchmetrics shines. A favoured tool with marketers across many industries, Searchmetrics allows you to dig deep into the SEO you’re using and compare it to your competitors. Being able to narrow down the data to individual keywords allows you to tweak your strategy precisely, honing and refining your website to perfection.

Searchmetrics is able to analyse both PPC and organic search results, presenting you with complete data to scrutinise. There’s no easier way to carry out comprehensive SEO research or to monitor the performance of your website against your competitors.