Pay Per Click

Paid Search and paid social media are fantastic tools for delivering an instant ROI and great conversion rates.

No matter how fantastic your business, products and services are, you need to have a strategy that ensures you are visible.

Pay Per Click - known as PPC - is an easy way to lift you above the noise of the marketplace and help customers to see you more easily.

Did you know that three-quarters of customers never click past the first page of search engine results? In other words, if you’re not right at the top of the results, you’re practically invisible.

That’s where a PPC agency like us can help.

What is PPC?

You’ll have probably seen PPC services in action without even realising. These are the paid ads which appear at the top of Google search results listings.

Pay Per Click is a budget-friendly way of boosting your presence online. The great part about it is that you’ll only pay when a user clicks on your ad.

This means it’s essential that your ads are targeting the right kind of customers. If you’re not attracting customers who want to buy from you, your efforts will be for nothing.

Our expertise can help to ensure that your PPC strategy is successful, and delivers a rewarding ROI.

Why PPC Works

Using platforms such as Google Ads Management and Bing Ads, PPC has the power to drive lots of traffic to your website.

You can choose exactly what keywords you want to focus on, and you can concentrate on specific geographic locations. By setting daily spend limits you can ensure you never go over your budget, keeping you in control of every click.

We can help you to create an effective PPC campaign that really works, with precise and accurate reports that allow you to manage every step.

Interested in finding out more? Contact us today to see what PPC services could do for your business.