Local Business Optimisation

If your business has face to face customers, you are classed as a “local business”. This applies even if you sell your products or services online too.

There are some benefits to being a local business, as certain techniques can be employed to make your digital presence really stand out.

This type of digital strategy is referred to as local search engine optimisation, or local SEO.

Building on a Strong Foundation

To have successful local SEO marketing, you need to have a strong base. This acts as the foundation to build upon, giving your business a bigger platform.

Each of these elements is crucial as search engines will penalise your website if it’s not accurate and up to date. To get your business ranking high, you need to take a step back and view it as Google would.

Your Google My Business listing is very significant. If you don’t follow the guidelines or providing misleading information, you will suffer stiff penalties on your ranking - or you might even be removed completely.

We have a proven track record and can help you build strong local SEO services, giving you a powerful and far-reaching presence.

Gaining a Competitive Edge

Local SEO is all about having the edge over your competitors. Getting the basics right will send your business soaring up through the rankings, making sure you are the first one in your area customers will see.

But to stay at the top, you’ll need to go further than just local Facebook Advertising and Google My Business. This means analysing what else is being offered on the local market, and identifying gaps. This is a technique we are experts in, helping you to develop a winning strategy that focuses on your geographic location.

Bringing all the local SEO skills together will deliver a winning digital strategy. Contact us today to speak to a local SEO agency and find out more!