PR & Content Outreach

Most will say that content marketing and PR are difficult to measure, fluffy, impossible to KPI and no obvious ROI. All fair asumptions of traditional PR. However, we know the role of PR and content has evolved and plays a pivotal role within any effective integrated digital marketing strategy.

Content sits at the heart of everything we do and underpins our integrated approach to digital marketing strategy. We recognise that creating great content is a vital part of an integrated strategy.

Informing content production with marketing performance data and customer insights, we improve brand engagement and search visibility, generating high profile media coverage and enhancing social media interaction


Building your Brand

The role of PR in helping build brands, drive engagement or promote a new product or service is still as relevant today as it’s always been. That is why having the creativity, knowledge and eye for a story to achieve impactful media coverage in the publications, blogs or broadcast stations consumed by your target audiences, remains fundamental to our approach. And, despite being a digital agency, we really couldn’t care if the media exposure we achieve for you is offline media coverage – provided it's amplifying your brand.

Content that Powers SEO

Content and its proactive promotion through PR plays a vital role in an effective SEO strategy. This is why we have built a dedicated team of content creators, SEO specialists and PR experts who work together to understand market demand, listen to the voice of the customer and engage them with high-quality, multi-channel content.



Whether it’s a short 30 second video clip or a Facebook Canvas, micro-content content is playing an ever-increasing role across social media channels. And today, it's only the brands who take the time to develop the most creative, inventive and engaging micro-content that reap the rewards of audience engagement.

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