Call Tracking

If you take calls as part of your sales or lead process, you should be using call tracking. It is a vital piece of analytics ensuring that your marketing efforts are correctly attributed to your sales.

If you’re putting time, effort and money into any sort of marketing or promotion then it stands to reason that you’re going to want to ensure it is working for you. Spending out on marketing is essential, but what if you’re spending on platforms that aren’t working or could be expanding on a method that doesn’t work but you don’t know? We work in partnership with Ruler Analytics to ensure that when it comes to the marketing your brand is doing, you’re never second guessing.

What Can Call Tracking Help With?

As well as helping with online tracking, our partnership with Ruler Analytics means you can track your call activity too. This allows you to see which method of your marketing is encouraging people to call in – great for when you want to ensure that the marketing method you have chosen is working for you. Track phone calls back to their original marketing campaign so you get a firm idea of which PPC, SEO or social media campaign generated the call.

You’ll also get access to important call data including phone calls. We can help put together reports on what people are calling about and whether this generates a sale for you. Really invaluable data for tapping into what your customers are saying, how happy they are and if there is anything you need to change.

Knowing what your marketing is doing, what is working and what isn’t as well as what is generating leads for you is essential. It helps to make sure that your marketing budget is spend in the right places and not wasted on campaigns that are less successful.

What Else Can It Help With?

Traffic Sources – Get traffic sources and keyword information from anonymous visitors to your website

Track Conversations – Monitor all this traffic to see if they convert, including if that is via phone call, contact form or your live chat option

Simple Data – We put all your data together to create touch points you can use and data that is actual helpful.

Analytics – It works with your current CRM to ensure you always have access to the most up to date analytics

Generate Sales –Use all of this to close a sale and work out when you can generate sales and revenue via platforms such as Google Adwords

Why Use Digital Discovery?

We’re a digital agency with a different. We offer a range of digital solutions to ensure that your brand is being promoted in the best way possible. We understand the importance of creating a solid brand online and reaching the right customers. Whether you’re looking for paid social services, website development or help with Pay Per Click, we’re experts in our field and are happy to help. That said, we don’t want you to just take our word for it – hence our partnership with Ruler Analytics. Want to know more about what we’re able to do? Feel free to get in touch today.