What Is CRO And Why Do I Need It?

CRO, in practice, is the process of making a compelling user experience for your website’s visitors so that they can be inspired to take the actions you need them to take, whether those actions involve buying your products, signing up for a free trial or registering for your services. CRO includes a number of elements including the optimisation of landing page design, the testing of different content versions, and the improvement of the visual experience. CRO isn’t about finding a quick-fix solution to a landing page or website. Although sometimes even small changes can have a significant impact on conversions, knowing what those changes need to require further investigation. Numbers must be analysed, customers’ needs must be surveyed, and hypotheses must be developed and tested in order to experience CRO’s full potential.


The Relationship Between CRO and SEO

While CRO and SEO go together, they’re not the same thing. SEO focuses on driving up website traffic. Once traffic has arrived at your site, CRO is required to convert the user into a paying customer. CRO centres around how your website is set up for existing traffic. Its efforts are directed on optimising the experience of users who are already on your site. CRO is very cost-effective since you’re working on converting existing visitors instead of working towards acquiring more new ones. This is why marketing strategies should incorporate both CRO and SEO since the latter drives the traffic and the former captures it.


Why Is CRO So Important?

The overall user experience that your website provides is becoming more important to marketers than ever before. It is the UX that helps your brand to become more visible and boosts your revenue and ROI. CRO offers the following benefits:

  • It boosts the value of your website’s visitors by increasing your conversion rate and, so, boosting your profits.
  • Both existing and potential customers will be able to browse your site and take the appropriate action. CRO ensures that features are designed that your visitors appreciate and when visitors are happy, they become customers.
  • More traffic. When your site is optimised for conversions it will engage your visitors. As a result, they will share the message and bring more traffic in.
  • Beating the competition. CRO involves an enhanced user experience, improved functionality, great content and improved site value. When you know what appeals to your target market, you can come up with content that appeals to and engages your audience. When content is tailored to the needs of your customers you can stay ahead of your competition.


Conversion Rate Optimisation Is A Key Strategy

Although CRO isn’t a be-all and end-all tactic, it’s not something to overlook. You need to integrate it alongside other strategies so your marketing effort can achieve its full potential.