SEO Is So Much More Than Just Link Building

Everyone knows that SEO (search engine optimisation) is a key element in any business marketing strategy. However, many people fall into the trap of thinking that it’s only about link building. This is certainly not the case. While link building is one of the most important reasons for putting in place an effective SEO strategy, there are many other benefits that search engine optimisation can bring for your business.


Better User Experiences

Maximising your users’ experience is paramount and your SEO strategy can help in this regard. Providing your visitors with videos, photos and relevant information to support the text along with mobile-friendly site configurations and easily navigable web pages ensures an optimal user experience which, in turn, generates more clicks and leads along with a higher rate of conversion and better brand awareness. Since this is precisely what search engines are seeking, you’ll also boost your search engine ranking.


Sourcing Leads

Inbound marketing strategies are arguably the most successful and effective source of leads for B2B B2C and even non-profit organisations. Since inbound marketing strategies include SEO, you can be confident that you will be maximising your reach.


Higher Close Rates

When compared with the close rate percentage achieved from outbound leads (which comes in at just 1.7%, the close rate achieved from SEO leads is considerably higher at 14.6%. SEO leads, during which the customer has taken the time to research your service or product, naturally results in a higher rate of conversion since the individual will already have a specific purpose and requirement in mind.


Promoting Improved Cost Management

SEO marketing is capable of lowering the cost of generating leads by as much as 61% when compared with outbound leads. SEO can lower the cost of advertising since, when your ranking is already at or close to the top of the search engine results there is no need to pay for PPC.


Building Brand Credibility

When your site ranks at the top of the search engine results for your keywords your customers will begin to understand that you are a top player in your industry. They will recognise that your brand is a popular one and that you are leading the way in your field. SEO also helps to establish better brand awareness, ensuring your target market will be able to recognise your brand quickly.


Boosting Your Website Speed

How quickly your website loads will affect your search engine ranking. A loading time delay of just 2 seconds will cost you as much as 4.3% of your sales. This means that speed is vital to avoid reduced customer satisfaction. SEO will ensure that your website loads more quickly so your users enjoy a better overall experience.

As you can see, there are many benefits beyond link building to employing SEO as part of your marketing strategy, so harness its full potential today.