Is Your Online Marketing Ready For Christmas?

The holiday season is just around the corner and the countdown towards Christmas has begun. With this in mind, it couldn’t be more important to make sure your online marketing strategy is in place. So, is yours geared up for the festive period? If not, read on to learn more about changes you can put in place before it’s too late!


Online Promotions

If you’re ready to really push your online sales this holiday time it’s time to consider festive-related promotions. A Twelve Days Of Xmas countdown is a great option, allowing you to choose different offers for each day. Advertise this on your main website but also make sure any promotions are aligned through all your social media platforms too as well as through blogs and email marketing channels. This will reinforce your offer.


Adjust Your Logo

While maintaining a recognisable brand logo is imperative for any company, you may find that adding something a little festive to your existing logo for this time of the year whenever you use it on email marketing, your website and social media profiles helps to draw attention to your brand and adds a fun and seasonal element without detracting from your customers’ brand recognition.


Social Media Festive Advertising

If you create specific festive adverts alongside the ones you’re already using you can monitor your spend more effectively while also reaching your target audience. If you run both types of advert simultaneously it will also be easier to end the seasonal campaign after the holidays are over. While we’re focusing on social media opportunities, Christmas is the perfect time to theme social media presences with relevant posts and videos about festive ideas. Ask your followers to comment and share to further your reach.


Festive Email Marketing

Email marketing is known to perfectly lend itself to time-limited deals, and there is no time of year when time is so much at a premium as during the festive countdown. You can help your buyers to make a purchasing decision by building a sense of urgency while also combining this with discounts so customers can save a little on their holiday shopping. Be aware, though, that as customers will receive a vast amount of emails in their inboxes at this time of year you need to devise creative subject lines to ensure your messages are opened.


Inform Your Customers

Tell your customers what your Christmas delivery dates are going to be as this is vital when it comes to running your Christmas marketing campaign smoothly. If you don’t, the year could begin with complaining customers!


It Isn’t All About Sales

While the festive period is an ideal opportunity to boost your revenue it’s also important to remember that your marketing campaign isn’t just about sales. Make sure your strategy also helps to build customer loyalty so that you can enjoy long-term gains that last for far longer than just the holiday season.