Is the reign of Google nearly over? Apple may think so

Whilst this agreement has worked well for some time, it looks like there may be some changes on the horizon and it is thought that Apple may be getting ready to create their very own search engine, which they hope will knock Google off of its top spot.

Bing is the current search engine that is linked to Siri, it is not the case with Safari, which is the browser on the iPhone. Which means that many iPhone users will end up heading to Google when they are searching for something on their browser rather than searching on Siri.

What is the evidence that this is happening?

Now we know that many of us will have heard before that Google might have a new rival, so what makes this time different? Well, it seems that there is actual evidence that things might change. Apple has been seen over the recent months to be advertising job vacancies for search engineers. This includes Apple Maps.

Along with this, there are also rumours that within the iOS 14 update, that Spotlight Search has de-emphasised the Google results.

Finally, Apple have taken the time to update their webcrawler support page (which is also known as an Applebot) including new information on how it ranks results, along with crawling websites on a more regular basis.

Why are Apple doing this?

If the agreement between Google and Apple is currently working well, then why would Apple want to change things? Well, chances are that this is because they want to make sure that their users have a great experience and that they keep more control over what they show on their apps and their overall devices too.

Not only this, but Apple also know that they are likely to very quickly become the second most popular search engine available. Especially when you consider that Safari is the most popular mobile browser available, whilst Chrome is second. That said, we don’t always know exactly why Apple have made the decision to build a search engine and we also don’t know what will happen in the future either.

All we do know is that it is going to be interesting to sit back and watch how the brand new Apple search engine is going to compete with the powerhouse that is Google. That said, Apple soon learnt that it wasn’t as easy to build a competing map application against Google, which means that it might be some time before these changes come into force and we see the competition really heat up.