How We Work To Make Your PPC Campaigns More Efficient By Increasing Quality Score

PPC campaigns are a popular marketing choice for many online businesses, but not every PPC campaign is an efficient one. If you’re looking for a way to improve the efficiency of yours, increasing your quality score could be the solution you’ve been seeking. We can work with you to do this in the most cost-effective way. So, how can it be achieved?


What Is A Quality Score?

Quality Score is the way in which Google Ads quantifies the effectiveness and relevancy of adverts. Advertisers can’t control it, however, they can create helpful strategies that improve it.

Quality Scores are affected by three metrics:

  • Expected CTR
  • Landing Page Experience
  • Ad Relevance

It’s possible to change each of these by making strategic alterations to each metric that improve the effectiveness of the ad overall.


Ad Relevance

The first metric we’ll look at is ad relevance. Ensuring your keywords are featured prominently in the copy of the ad is essential. Each ad must contain the keyword at least once and preferably twice but no more than that. It should also be in the first or second headlines or the first description. The language you use should also be natural-sounding to avoid keyword stuffing which is negatively viewed by search engines.


Expected CTR

To improve your expected CTR you need to improve your actual CTR. You need to add CTAs, disclaimers and enticing benefits such as promotions to achieve this goal. Your existing CTAs need to be more actionable and evocative. You also need to identify the top-selling points that resonate with your target audience and use keywords that reflect them. Leveraging the power of ad extensions is also beneficial when it comes to encouraging visitors to click.


Landing Page Experience

You need to match the promise in the ad to the content on the landing page. If the user is expecting to land on a page about something specific but ends up on the home page instead, they will almost certainly leave. This results in a high bounce rate, wasted money and a lower quality score. An improved user experience decreases your bounce rate. You can improve the user experience by including relevant information such as product images, the page title and lead generation form at the top of the page, preventing the user from having to scroll down to find the important things that they’re looking for. Every navigation option should be clearly labelled but the user shouldn’t be overloaded either – the interface needs to be visible and simple. Avoid unusual page structures – adhere to a basic double or single column page so that the structure doesn’t distract from the message.


If you can improve these three key metrics, your quality score will improve and your PPC campaigns will be considerably more efficient and effective.