Google Search Console Insights; what you need to know!

As it has been under the radar for a few months, it is safe to say that not much is known about what it can do to help your website. However, if you are taking your content writing efforts seriously, then this is something that you need to learn about.

Want to know more about Google Search Console Insights? Here are some of the things that you need to know.


What can they tell you?

Google has said that Search Console Insights can help those who create and publish content on a website to learn more about how that content is working for them.

It looks at a variety of different questions that relates to your content. It will look at things such as:

  • What are the best performing pieces of content?
  • Are the new pieces that you share performing well?
  • How discoverable is your content on the web?
  • What are the top trending queries for your website?
  • What links are there to your website and are any of them?


Why is it a good thing?

So, why are we excited about these insights being introduced? The main reason is that it is designed to help ensure that your content, no matter what you are trying to share, performs the best that it can. It gives you a user-friendly approach to your data, it helps you to learn more about your content. It helps to give you a dashboard that you can use to improve your content, to make it work for your business and to, eventually, see the growth that you hope for.


I can’t find Search Console Insights

You might be worried if you cannot find or access Search Console Insights, but it is important to remember that it is not yet available to everyone and is still in beta mode at the moment. The beta itself is closed and this means that only a few users can access it and they will have received an official invitation email from Google itself. It is hoped that over time, more and more users are going to be invited to the beta, which in turn will lead to more updates and more access.

Our advice to you is to make sure that if you are invited to gain access to the beta; that you should. It is in its early stages, but it is definitely going to be a part of the future of content creation and analysis. So, why not get on board earlier rather than later?