Google My Business profiles; how are they performing?

If you have heard of Google My Business, then chances are that you know that this is an additional Google service allowing you to advertise and promote your business and ensure that you appeal to as many customers as possible.

You might wonder how well Google My Business actually works, especially when it comes to the reviews, photo sharing and star rating that go alongside Google My Business profiles? The average Google My Business profile will have 73 reviews, 45 photos and a star rating of 4.08. This shows that these profiles are being engaged with and they are being used in a way that they should be.


What do these profiles look like?

Of all the Google My Business profiles out there on the internet, there appears to be many that are not actually completed and don’t contain all the information that is needed. For 61% of the profiles that are not complete, they have managed to remember to share their working hours; this is compared to the 93% who have their phone number online. In comparison to this, if you look at business description, then you will see that there is only 29% of them have filled out this all-important (and relatively easy section to complete).

The photos that are shared on the Google My Business profile are usually updated by the business owner at the time of uploading the profile, and then they will not be updated or refreshed after that.


What about reviews?

On average, a Google My Business profile will have 73 reviews. However, there are some types of business that have a lot less (wholesale with just 23 reviews) and those with a lot more (travel and hospitality) which has 237 on average.

Of these reviews, it seemed that the average star rating was around the 4.08 mark and when reviews were left, only 19% of business owners actually took the time to reply to the review and try to set things right. When they did respond, it was usually only to negative reviews and often would take as much as 25 days to actually send the reply.

The important thing to remember about Google My Business is that it is definitely worthwhile doing. Sure, it might sound like a hassle and that it is something that you might not want to do, but we can assure you that it is 100% worthwhile doing.

Not only will it help to ensure that your brand is more visible; but that it is also sharing as much information as possible to your audience, when they want to find out more about what you can offer them. It is also a great way to show your customer just how well you are doing, with your positive reviews and even how you respond to and make changes, should you receive a negative review from them.