Launchpad - March '22 Edition

Welcome to Launchpad, the Monthly Digital Marketing Roundup - March '22 Edition

Wow, what a month March has been! We want to share with you what’s been going on in the digital marketing industry and wrap up what you might've missed this month from news to events.


What’s happening in the world of SEO?

Google's page experience update for desktop has now been fully rolled out

The upgrade began rolling out on February 22nd and was completed on March 3rd. This desktop version will include all of the page experience aspects for mobile, with the exception of mobile-friendliness. We wrote a blog article explaining what you can expect to see from Google’s page experience update for desktop.

WordPress plugin 'SEOPress' has added 'IndexNow' support

The collaboration of SEOPress and IndexNow will result in quicker and more efficient indexing of over 200,000 sites. IndexNow allows website owners to instantly notify search engines about recent content changes, such as if a URL and its content have been added, modified, or removed, allowing search engines to quickly reflect these changes in their search results. When it comes to offering search engines the most up-to-date content on a site, instant indexing is an SEO's dream.

Google Docs will automatically produce content summaries to assist with meta descriptions

Google Docs began automatically generating content summaries for Google Workspace business customers earlier this year. In brief, Google will generate a summary for you based on the text of your document. You can use the summary if it appears good to you, or you can alter it to make it more to your liking when writing meta descriptions.

WordPress has released a new performance plugin called the 'Performance Lab' that will help speed up websites

Newly developed by the WordPress performance team, the Performance Lab plugin provides access to improvements that are designed to help publishers speed up their websites, and also diagnose any issues that may be slowing their websites down. The plugin gives publishers the opportunity to use new improvements now before they are included in the core of WordPress itself, as well as test the new beta features and offer feedback.

The new Performance Lab plugin has four modules:

  • WebP Uploads
  • WebP Support
  • Persistent Object Cache Health Check
  • Audit Enqueued Assets (experimental).

A recent Yoast WordPress plugin update has caused fatal errors for publishers

Negatively affected victims of the Yoast update had to roll back to a previous version of Yoast. Yoast has since published an apology for the failed update that resulted in serious website problems for publishers, and has assured that the latest version of the SEO plugin is now stable.

Typical problems that were reported include:

  • XML sitemap shows all content types, including private content that is not supposed to be exposed
  • The Yoast Search Appearance settings tab was completely blank
  • Fatal error message
  • WordPress Sends Message About Yoast Plugin Error.

What’s happening in the world of paid media?

Microsoft Advertising has announced a new service provider ad type

Professional service ads, a new ad format designed for service providers such as insurance agents and realtors, have been announced by Microsoft Advertising. Professional service ads are currently being tested in the United States and Canada.

Platforms that have suspended ads in Russia

Because of Russia's actions in Ukraine, essentially every site that search marketers use to target Russian audiences has suspended ads. Companies like Google, Microsoft, and Facebook initially restricted ads from Russian state media, but as the conflict progressed, several of them broadened their bans to encompass all ads provided to Russian consumers.

Google launches automated vehicle ads

This new format combines Google Merchant Center's car data streams to connect users' searches with adverts. Google will make automobile ads available to all U.S. advertisers, the company has revealed. Vehicle advertising on are meant to help auto dealers promote their full vehicle inventory to potential buyers. This style includes a picture of the vehicle, as well as information about the manufacturer, model, price, mileage, and the advertiser's name.

Performance Max campaigns are supported in Google Ads Editor 2.0

Google has announced that Google Ads Editor version 2.0 is now available. This version includes support for Performance Max campaigns, shared audiences, custom actions and action triggers, conversion goals and more.

Google to Sunset Expanded Text Ads

Advertisers will no longer be able to create or edit expanded text ads after June 30th 2022. However, there are a few exceptions to take note of:

  • Existing expanded text advertisements will coexist with responsive search ads
  • Reports on their performance will remain available
  • Marketers can suspend, resume, or remove expanded text advertising as needed
  • Call ads and Dynamic Search Ads can still be created and edited by advertisers.

What’s happening in the world of social media?

Hootsuite has now enabled 'content idea' feature pop-ups to display within our planning calendars

This will be a game-changer when it comes to planning and scheduling social media content with Hootsuite. These friendly suggestions and reminders will help a lot of social media managers and content creators fill in any gaps with inspirational, entertaining, promotional, educational and celebratory posts.

So far, we've seen that they will be suggesting content ideas for the next couple of months ahead, including:

Tips, tricks and hacks
Awareness days
Behind the scenes
Promotional CTAs
Video content
LinkedIn carousels
Instagram stories
Repurposing content and much more.

Canva launched its first-ever global marketing ad campaign ‘what will you design today?’

The new campaign launched on March 14th nationwide in the US and will be launching in Canada, the UK and Australia in early April. Canva aspires to be “the ubiquitous tool for the workplace”, as they highlight the creative success stories of its clients, large and small in their latest ad campaign.

The graphic design platform has surged in popularity over these last nine years thanks to its easy-to-use app with free templates for designing social media graphics, presentations, posters, documents and other visual content. There are now over 200,000 companies and organisations represented on Canva, with over 30 million monthly active users across 190 countries.

All Instagram users will be able to tag products in their feed posts

Instagram is still continuing its focus on eCommerce, now allowing all users to tag products in their Instagram posts, beginning in the United States. This function was previously only available to approved creators, but Instagram is now ready to make it available to the general public, allowing anybody to include a direct link to items and companies in their uploads.

Watch out for our April round-up next month.

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