Can call tracking help you increase Conversions

We may think that the idea of calling up a company to talk to them about your order, or perhaps to make an enquiry; is not something that we do anymore. However, this isn’t the case. Over the phone customer engagement is still a thing and, in the most part, it can be connected to our digital approaches too.

This is especially true if we can use the data that can be collected during these calls, analysing it and making actionable insights.

How can these systems work for us? What can they do to help to improve our businesses?


They show us where our calls are coming from

When you get a call into your business, chances are that they have been generated and have come from somewhere. When you analyse the calls that you receive as a business, you can see which social media platform or advertising campaign they came from. When you gather this information, you can use it to ensure that the efforts that you have made are working and that they are resulting in good quality phone calls and leads.


They teach us about our audience

Another great way that you can make call analytics work for you, is to use it to build an idea of your audience. When you know as much as possible about your audience, then you can use this to ensure that you appeal to your target demographic. You can also see if you are working to appeal to the right audience, or if there are changes that you need to make to maximise your output.


They give you the chance to retarget

One of the main parts of being a successful business is being able to effectively target and sell to your ideal customers. This means that you need to do whatever you can to try and sell to that audience. When you receive a phone call into your business, you are going to get a chance to make a sale. Even if it doesn’t happen there and then, you can then use call analytics to look at how you can retarget that call and make sure that it does turn into a successful lead in the future.


They can help you to learn what works on calls

Whilst no business is going to want to admit that they need to improve what they do, the truth is that there are always ways to make changes and improve. When you record the calls that you receive and deal with, this gives you the chance to listen to them. You can consider what went right during the phone call and what might not have worked so well and may need changing. Something that you may not have even noticed before.

You should never underestimate the power of the calls that you receive in your business. Rather than seeing them as something to deal with and move on, see them as your chance to learn and to improve your business and make sure that you are as successful as possible.