Busting the SEO Search Ranking Myths

Along with this, there appears to be some grey areas. This is where people are not 100% sure what is true and what is actually a myth. To help you to understand more about what forms part of the search ranking myths and what the truth may be.


Social media impacts on your rankings

Whilst social media is a key part of marketing your business when it comes to SEO search ranking, social media is not the be-all and end-all. The amount of mentions and likes that you get across social media is not directly linked to where you place on search results. However, it will definitely make you feel pretty great about how you are doing.


Google Ads will bring you up on the search results

Another misconception about Google is that your search results will be directly linked to the amount of Google Ads that you post and how much engagement you get on these Ads. Whilst both platforms are owned by Google (and run by Google) they are not linked directly. This doesn’t mean that you should be disregarding either of these things, you simply need to treat them as standalone, as they are.


If you have carts that are abandoned on your website this is a negative checkmark

No one likes the idea that you will have a cart that is not checked out on your website. This means that a potential customer has abandoned whatever it was that they were planning on buying from you, for whatever reason. Whilst this is never a good feeling and may mean that you end up having to look at why they decided against their purchase, cart abandonments are not going to have any impact on your search rating at all.


Your word count matters

What you put on your website matters, this goes without saying. You need to have content that is of the highest standard, is well-written and is packed full of keywords. Without this, you won’t feature that high up on the list of search rankings and will find your website gets left behind. One thing that some people may think that matters, but actually doesn’t have that much of an impact, is the word count. Whilst it is a good idea to try and make sure that you have a good word count for your website pages, you need to avoid filling it with fluff that actually has no benefit to it.

There are a variety of myths that surround Google and how it works. It does take time to learn about the way that their algorithms work, but if you figure it out, then in no time at all you will soon have a good idea of what is the truth and then, in turn, what you can do to improve your own ranking.