Bespoke Design - Why You Should Pay A Bit More To Be Unique

Having an online business presence these days isn’t just important, it’s absolutely vital. It’s often the first contact point that your customers have with your organisation. Therefore, you need to present an image that is professional and consistent with your brand. As a result, you’ll be able to immediately establish trust with your audience and build positive relationships. When you’re creating a new website for your company you have two options – do you go for a pre-built site template or have a bespoke design created just for you? Here, we’ll take a look at why paying a little more to be unique is always the best choice.


What Is A Template Website?

Template websites are pre-built, generic sites that are available for anybody to buy and use. The owner chooses from several pre-designed site templates, selects their own colour palette and then adds their own images and logo. Usually, these sites aren’t especially flexible since you’re limited by the template’s parameters.

The reason why template websites are popular is that they can be bought cheaply. But there are numerous drawbacks to consider too. Customisation is limited and this makes it hard to apply a consistent brand identity. Also, the navigation functionality and layout may not suit your site’s purpose and could negatively affect the user’s experience.

Also, template websites are often built with outdated and substandard code. This will negatively impact SEO since indexing and finding keywords is made harder. It will also affect browser compatibility and increase the length of time required for each page to load which will frustrate end-users.


What Are Bespoke Websites?

Bespoke websites are tailor-made for your own business’s specific demands. Built and designed by talented professionals, these sites are created by developers and designers who spent time working with you to analyse your requirements, interpret your brief and come up with a unique design for you. As a result, your company’s identity can be consistent all across the site and your users will have a positive experience.

Bespoke websites give you complete control over your company’s online presence, from functionality to design details. They are also built using the most up-to-date coding standards and will work with all kinds of browsers. Of course, it goes without saying that it will also look good across all formats including mobile devices. You’ll also find that when a company creates a bespoke website for you they will also be available to assist in the event of technical issues occurring. Bespoke websites can also be developed with your company, with future changes being seamlessly implemented with minimal fuss.

While a bespoke site will cost more and take a longer time to implement than the template alternative, it will be worth the investment in the long term. When you choose the unique approach you won’t be compromising on usability, professionalism or quality – in brief, you’ll be getting what you’ve paid for.