About Us

Digital Discovery began as a group of freelancers back in 2014, each of us specialists in our own fields. Fast forward to 2020 within the effects of the Covid-19 outbreak and unfortunate set of redundancies brought us all together and so Digital Discovery was formed.

So, what do we stand for? The short and long of it is that we have all worked in various agency and client-side environments and have experienced the good, the bad and the ugly. We wanted to create something that took the best of our experiences and glued them together to do things in the best ways possible.

We continue to strive and develop new ways to design and build amazingly creative websites as well as creating and implementing our digital strategies.

Corporate and Social Responsibility

Although we are a relatively new business, we fully understand the importance of our local community and the support they have given us. Our corporate and social responsibility (CSR) policy is designed to be usable and applicable on a daily basis while representing the underlying vales of our business.

Employees – We thrive on the dedication of our employees. Everybody in the agency has an individual PDP (personal development plan) which is based on their own individual goals and strengths. The PDP is core to their training and development plans including the encouragement to train for industry recognised standards and accreditations.

Dignity - We are committed to creating a work environment which is free from harassment and bullying, where everyone is treated equally, with dignity and respect.

Harassment and bullying can have major effects on individuals and our wider agency. It can cause unhappiness and stress at work and at home, and can impact both physical and mental health as well as family and relationships. Within the agency it can cause a loss of morale, poor performance, increased staff turnover, legal claims and damage our reputation. – Having experienced some of this first hand we ensure that we do not tolerate harassment and bullying of any kind.

Any allegations are given priority, investigated and disciplinary action will be taken if necessary.

Environment - We are aware of and understand the impact our agency has on the environment. We want to reduce this impact by ensuring that our staff, clients, suppliers and stakeholders are aware of our environmental policy and encourage them to do the same.

We keep on top of the latest legislation, regulations and requirements to make sure we act in a socially responsible manner. Our environmental policy is reviewed regularly to ensure we are constantly improving our environmental performance.

The Senior Team

Steve Harrison

Managing Director

Dylan Kowalczyk

Paid Media Manager

Chloe Kerfoot

Digital Marketing Apprentice

Will Parker

Head of Development

James Agudah

Head of Creative

Sasha Rae Russell

Head of Business Development