Our mission is straight forward. Whether you are an employee, client or supplier, we want everyone involved with Discovery to enjoy working with us. Yes it's a bit cliche, but we are firm believers that everything is just that little bit easier if you enjoy it!


Meet the Crew

The Discovery team began as a group of freelancers back in 2014, each of us specialists in our own fields. Fast forward to 2020 and with the effects of the Covid-19 outbreak and a (un)fortunate set of redundancies, we were brought together and so Digital Discovery Ltd was formed. Today we are growing from strength to strength, and looking forward to welcoming more clients and team members to our family.

Name: Steve Harrison

Founder & Head of Earned Media

Having worked in the digital space since 2006, Steve has a great breadth of experience to call on. Specialising in SEO, but with experience managing and running affiliate & email campaigns as well as working on the creative elements of our projects. 

In his spare time (not that there is much of that) Steve manages his local grassroots football team.

A not so well known fact is that back in his Royal Navy days, Steve could actually pilot a Harrier Jump Jet.

Name: Dylan Kowalczyk

Operations Director & Head of Paid Media

With over 10 years Paid Media experience, Dylan has worked with a range of clients across multiple platforms, industries, budgets and countries. He also has a particularly unhealthy obsession with creating spreadsheets which we’re trying to get him to talk to someone about.

Dylan splits his spare time between playing piano, supporting Manchester Utd and tending to his pet hedgehog (not a euphemism)

A not so well known fact about Dylan is that he is an avid astrologist and spends some of his evenings star gazing and hunting for alien life.

Name: Will Parker

Technical Director & Head of Development

Will has been tinkering with computers since his mum took a degree in computer science back in the 1980's. His first computer was a Commodore 64, which came with a manual on BASIC programming from where his love of coding was born. Accelerate 30 years ahead and Will has managed to work in a range of developer positions both in agencies and client-side and worked on websites for multi-national companies to local community projects.

When Will isn't coding (which is rare) you will probably find him either engaged in DIY or adventuring with his nieces.

A little known fact about Will is in a former life he was a DJ and producer and has tracks on Spotify.

Name: Ross Edwin

Head of Branding & Strategy

An innovative and highly creative brand and marketing strategist. Ross has an impeccable track record directing brand and marketing strategies for global and local audiences for both B2C and B2B organisations, placing commercial and consumer insight at the heart of planning and execution.

When Ross isn't branding and designing stuff, he's watching zombie movies or trying to play his way through every SNES game ever made.

A couple of not-well-known facts about Ross, are that he can say the alphabet backwards and he dreams in the third person... convinced it's because of playing too much Resident Evil.

Name: Chloe Kerfoot

Junior Accounts Executive

Chloe is interested in all things digital marketing, social media and design. She most recently completed her digital marketing apprenticeship (December 2021) and has since been promoted from digital marketing apprentice to junior accounts executive. She brings a unique perspective to the agency and has already built up her digital marketing skills & knowledge and is a perfect fit into our expanding team.

As the youngest member of the team, you'll usually find Chloe referencing TikTok videos or throwing up peace signs.

A not so well known fact about Chloe is that she has a previous creative background in ART and Graphic Design.

Name: Could This Be You?

Rank: Flight Engineer

We are always on the lookout for talented people to join our team. if you think you have the right stuff to join the mission, get in touch with us.




Corporate and Social Responsibility

Although we are a relatively new business, we fully understand the importance of our local community and the support they have given us. Our corporate and social responsibility (CSR) policy is designed to be usable and applicable on a daily basis while representing the underlying vales of our business.


We thrive on the dedication of our employees. Everybody in the agency has an individual PDP (personal development plan) which is based on their own individual goals and strengths. The PDP is core to their training and development plans including the encouragement to train for industry recognised standards and accreditations.


We are committed to creating a work environment which is free from harassment and bullying, where everyone is treated equally, with dignity and respect.

Harassment and bullying can have major effects on individuals and our wider agency. It can cause unhappiness and stress at work and at home, and can impact both physical and mental health as well as family and relationships. Within the agency it can cause a loss of morale, poor performance, increased staff turnover, legal claims and damage our reputation. – Having experienced some of this first hand we ensure that we do not tolerate harassment and bullying of any kind.

Any allegations are given priority, investigated and disciplinary action will be taken if necessary.


We are aware of and understand the impact our agency has on the environment. We want to reduce this impact by ensuring that our staff, clients, suppliers and stakeholders are aware of our environmental policy and encourage them to do the same.

We keep on top of the latest legislation, regulations and requirements to make sure we act in a socially responsible manner. Our environmental policy is reviewed regularly to ensure we are constantly improving our environmental performance.



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