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We are Discovery

A digital marketing agency based in West Yorkshire priding ourselves on being open and honest with our clients, and our long standing relationships are testament to that.

You know as well as we do, that there is no 'one size fits all' approach to marketing and because of that we endeavour to deliver a personal and perfectly tailored strategy to you and all of our clients regardless of size, turnover or location. Everybody gets the same attention to detail.

You need a digital marketing strategy that is forward thinking and outside the box and although we try to anticipate the intent of your customers, we also ensure that we look at all the data available in order to make the right decisions.


What's really important to you? The Results...

It doesn't matter if your campaigns are the best looking ever, if they don't perform then they are practically useless. That's why our team concentrate on the data. We create campaigns that we know will perform well and provide the best return on your investment. 


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Our Services

Discovery has over 15 years of experience in delivering high performing SEO Services and Campaigns to our clients within a wide range of industries. SEO strategy also forms a part of every web build project we undertake, so we know everything we deliver will perform at its very best.


Discovery work across all search engines and social media platforms to provide a full service paid advertising service for our clients ensuring the effectiveness of campaign bids, budget, targeting, ads, and landing pages. We tailor our paid advertising to meet client KPIs, achieve profitable ROI & ROAS, and provide the necessary infrastructure and testing to support scalability and growth.


Discovery work with you to manage your social media requirements with a clear content strategy, consistency and loads of creative 'outside the box' thinking.


Here at Discovery we pride ourselves on delivering, not only an amazing looking websites and Apps, with all the function that not only meets our clients every need, but is firmly rooted in data insights and factual analysis. We build our sites using the best some of the worlds best platforms ensuring your business, and its data stays secure and at the cutting-edge of technology.


Case Studies

  • On-IT

    The brief from On-IT was a need to increase thier online presence following the Covid-19 lockdowns.

    We worked with Tom to understand thier industry better and to find out about all the services they can provide (and there are a lot of them). With this new understanding in mind, we set about designing and building a new website for the business ( if you want to take a look). Tom wanted something a little bit different from a 'run of the mill' IT company website and I'm happy to say was extremely pleased with the result.

    Beyond this we have worked with Tom and the team on a number of campaigns to increase their new business pipeline through Paid Search, LinkedIn Marketing and recently some more traditional offline marketing as well as working on more Brand awarness style campaigns through content production & syndication and social media management.

    If you would like to know more about our work with On-IT or any of our other service led clients, GET IN TOUCH

  • Oscar Jacobson

    We were consulted to estimate the potential growth if we expanded beyond an automated brand campaign. The client wanted to know how much more revenue we could drive in October while maintaining similar levels of efficiency in ROAS and CVR.

    There were several unique factors to consider going into their 4th month of activity. Most importantly being inconsistent consumer trends as a result of regularly adapting to COVID-19. Whether it be changing tiers or national lockdown we had to weigh these expectations up with seasonal changes and sales events. Moving from Summer to Autumn their sales were going to move from polo shirts and golf shorts to jackets and waterproof trousers. They were also going to see benefit from Black Friday after October payday but possibly some reserved spending before then.

    If you would like to know more about our work with Oscar Jacobson or any of our other Ecommerce clients, GET IN TOUCH

  • Ottoman Beds

    The brief from The Ottoman Bed Comapny was straight forward. Increase thier social media presence and increase thier sales, after all thats what everybody wants, right?

    The Ottoman Bed Company makes all of their products from scratch in house, and this was a really good selling point to add to thier ads. The ability to create their designs in a wide array of colours and textures helped us to create visually appealing campaigns which are converting at a rate that they have never seen before (even we were surprised they achieved 880% ROAS in the first month).

    We continue to work with Iby and the team to expand their offering and are working on a new Shopify site for them to expand their ecommerce offering.

    If you would like to know more about our work with The Ottoman Bed Comapny or any of our other ecommerce clients, GET IN TOUCH

Our Clients

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